licence plate Camera with infra red




  • Colour images in the day, black and white images at night
  • 120° lens angle
  • Image Sensor: 1/3" Colour CMOS
  • Parking / distance grid
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Comaptible with any LCD screen via video output
  • Waterproof and will work in all weather types
  • Infrared Night Vision LEDs
  • 12v input
  • Video output: RCA connector 1.0vP.P,75Q
  • TV System: PAL/NTSC
  • Dimensions: Width 250mm Depth 35mm Height 30mm
  • 10mm lens
  • Universal, can be used with any car
  • Connections: Two male phonos


Quick Description

This car camera helps prevent accidents while driving in reverse.



The reverse car camera is perfect for any car, lorry or truck, simply connect to any screen via the video output and the camera will atomatically start recording. The camera has a 10mm lens, is water proof and provides a quality colour image. The camera will automatically detect low light and with infrared night vision LEDs it will continue to record even in the dark. The device has 135° wide angle lens and has a built in mounting bracket, eliminating the issue of poor visibility, making children animals or objects easier to see. With built in on screen grids, the camera is great for reversing off drive ways, parking in small spaces or improving visibility.The grids give the driver a visual warning as to how close objects or obstuctions are to the car.


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